Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Online English Learning: Myths and Reality

     Online Learning has evolved rapidly for the last ten years, especially English e-learning. Nowadays you can surf Internet and simply find the most suitable way for yourself of learning English: Online English schools, English learning apps, podcasts, websites and etc. It sounds so fascinating and interesting. However having so many options and choosing the right path to learn might be little a bit confusing. Teaching English online for about 3 years, I have come across many myths and stereotypes about this modern E-learning process.

     Here I would like to share with you five the most common Myths and Realities.

1.      Myth: You can be productive at learning only in a traditional class.
      Reality: Due to technology progress you have various possibilities. Online learning gives lots of opportunities for students to interact with each other throughout the class. Students can email or text their teacher at any time to receive one-to-one help and additional instruction. Moreover now than ever modern technology are able to serve every student’s need. As a result, teachers have more time to spend with students can receive more attention in online learning courses.

2.      Myth: Online learning is only for driven and technology advanced people.
Reality: There is no typical profile of online learners: everyone can make it. For some people with special health conditions learning online can be the best educational option. For some people who move frequently, it can provide a stable educational platform. Online learning offers individual approach to every student.

3.      Myth: You don’t have a possibility to know your teacher well.
Reality: Most of my students admitted that they get the same level of personalized attention during online class as a traditional classroom. Different e-learning programs can provide a high level of interaction and personalization, so people who are shy tend to contribute more in online environments.

4.      Myth: Online learning is easier and not effective.
Reality: As in the traditional class, quality in online learning will vary based on the teacher. There are plenty of different teaching methods to involve every student into learning process, and by that to let everyone to achieve a learning purpose.

5.      Myth: Online learning platforms don’t have to meet the same standards “regular schools” do.
      Reality: Online schools or centers obey to the same laws “regular schools” do. Yes, online schools don’t have to rent an office or pay for a teacher’s transportation, but it requires having the same professional level as “normal” schools.

     From my personal experience E-learning has many advantages for every person, regardless of age, gender and race. At the present time I observe massive transition from traditional method of education to online. For those who are still doubting to be or not to be, just give a try! New experience of knowing yourself through education is always rewarding.

Author: Teacher Ekaterina or Kati
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